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Statistical process control assures that processes operate in a state of statistical control. All special causes of variability are distinguished from common random occurrences and are eliminated. Products can then be manufactured with consistently high quality.

About the Seminar:

This seminar not only emphasizes the tools and techniques of SPC - it also provides training in the problem-solving methods and teamwork needed to utilize these tools effectively. In addition to manual implementation, students will learn how to use SPC software for problem-solving, control charts, and process capability analysis. Participants gain hands-on experience with actual industrial examples, use of the Quincunx (Bead Board - shown below), and computer simulations.

This seminar is designed to be flexible with topics emphasized or de-emphasized according to customer needs. Client data may be included in the examples and exercises.


Seminar Materials:

The seminar textbook is "Basic Statistics: Tools For Continuous Improvement," by M.J. Kiemele and S.R. Schmidt (Air Academy Press, 1991). A student version of SPC KISS statistical software is included with the textbook. A workbook is included that contains all of the lecture material.

Who Should Attend?

Participants would include managers, engineers, supervisors, and technicians who will be implementing or utilizing SPC. A simplified one or two-day version of this seminar is available for operators.

Seminar Outline:

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

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